Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well-Being Agents: Calling all Well-Being Agents to Purpose

Hey everybody:
Is there anyone out there?

What do we need to do to have you folks join in the discussion? Remember, we can’t not make a difference; so all that’s left is to make the difference we really want to make.

Make a difference here; share your thoughts about how we can make the promotion of “Well-Being” an interesting conversation.

Have a fun and fulfilling day, Elder-Dude.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Calling all Well-Being Agents to Purpose

Here's a note in a bottle cast to sea. The message is about Well Being as one's purpose for being as in Life Purpose. Should anyone find this please join in by posting a comment.
My plan is to create a space in which people can come together in support of each other in the propagation of Well Being. People I call Well-Being Agents. So I guess this is a call to Well-Being Agents all over the world to join with me in supporting each other by creating a Blog site that propagates Well Being.
If you have found this invitation please comment with your thoughts and feelings about my project. Even if you don't join me as a Well-Being Agent this is still an opportunity for you to make a difference by just sharing your thoughts.
Have a fun and rewarding day, Arlin.